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Winning Pretty is a new tennis technique book by Chris Lewit, author of the best-selling book, The Secrets of Spanish Tennis.
Winning Pretty is an expert’s guide to modern, world-class tennis technique and features cutting edge biomechanics, evidence-based technique analysis, diagrams and models, and many excellent technique drills for building beautiful, elastic technique.
The book is being serially digitally published by John Yandell at, the world’s best tennis technique magazine.
One chapter is released per month with lavish video illustrations embedded into the text. The foreword is by John Yandell and there are special sections by top coaches and biomechanists.
After digital release, the book will be published in paperback edition by New Chapter Press in 2025.


  • Introduction: Winning pretty philosophy

  • Origins and influences of technique

  • Engineering elegant technique

  • Sport vision and eye dominance

  • Transtheoretical model of tennis technique building

  • Magicians and mechanics

  • The biomechanics of power serve

  • How to build beautiful serve

  • Keys to kick serve

  • Slice serve essentials

  • Fierce forehands

  • Blistering backhands

  • Invincible volleys

  • Outstanding overheads

  • Daring drop shots, tweeners, and specialty shots

  • Footwork fundamentals

  • Future trends in tennis technique

  • Conclusion: Putting the puzzle piece together

  • Helpful resources

Meet Chris Lewit

Known as the Prodigy Maker

Chris Lewit is a leading high-performance coach, author, and educator. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Secrets of Spanish Tennis, and a new technique book, Winning Pretty, which will be published by New Chapter Press in paperback in 2025.

He is also a contributing editor for magazine and a long-time member of the USPTA and PTR.

As an educator, he has presented at several large conferences including the PTR International Tennis Symposium. Chris is currently studying kinesiology and biomechanics and headed for graduate school in that field.

As a player, Chris Lewit played No. 1 for Cornell University and competed on the USTA and ITF pro circuits.

As a coach, he has recently worked with several No. 1 junior players in the US and has trained hundreds of nationally ranked juniors.

He directs a full-time academy for homeschool/online players and a high performance summer camp program, as well as bespoke high performance training for all ages and levels, all at his club in the beautiful green mountains of Manchester, Vermont.

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